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Backer heroes are pre-generated, non-random heroes created by the Kickstarter backers of Darkest Dungeon. All backer heroes come with one aggravated negative quirk and two locked positive quirks that are always the same for any unique hero name. Additionally, every hero has certain skills unlocked by default (Locked skills can be unlocked in the guild and survivalist's tent as any other heroes).


Claiming backer heroesEdit

Backer heroes can be claimed and added to the roster by entering the Stage Coach, pressing the Enter key and typing the name of the desired hero.

Though the fixed negative quirk can be removed via the Sanitarium and all other factors work the same as any other character, the hero's name and outfit cannot be changed in-game. However, the outfit can be changed by switching the outfit order in the heros folder. This method also works with extra hero outfits provided by mods. For example the Chuma Abomination hero has the third outfit prescribed as the fixeed one in-game. If the player wants Chuma to wear the second outfit, they need to change the letter of the second outfit (B by defult) to C. Folder structure: Darkest Dungeon > heroes > abomination > abomination_C rename to something else, like abomination_Cc, abomination_B rename to abomination_C and rename the abomination_Cc to abomination_B. It's best to keep the outfits named so that the game can recognize them (abomination_X and replace X with a capital letter of the alphabet, like A, B, E or others). The change of outfit will be seen in-game.

Note: Some heroes names are cap-sensitive.

List of backer heroesEdit


  Agerra-T'rel Abomination
  Fated   Demonomania

  Agrythe Abomination
  Slugger   Deviant Tastes

  Akwartz Abomination
  Mankind Hater   Stress Eater

  Buehltard Abomination
  Tough   Known Cheat
  Quick Reflexes

  Chuma Abomination
  Hard Skinned   Faithless

  Daniel Ackerman Abomination
  Eldritch Hater   Hieromania

  Elfangor Abomination
  Eldritch Hater   Stress Eater
  Healer's Gift
Trivia Elfangor is the name of an alien in the
Animorph series of books who gives the
eponimous animorphs their ability to morph.

  Hastur Abomination
  Thick Blooded   Anemic
Trivia Hastur is a Great Old One from the
Cthulhu mythos. He is known as "The King
in Yellow" and is the half-brother of Cthulhu.
See Also; The Collector

  Howard Abomination
  Hard Skinned   Calm
Trivia Howard is the first name of Howard Phillips
(H.P.) Lovecraft, the author whose work
inspired much of Darkest Dungeon's theme.

  Kagan Abomination
  Slugger   Shocker
  Hard Skinned

  Kin-Grinder Abomination
  Night Owl   Deviant Tastes

  Mikhail Bloodrage Abomination
  Slugger   Flagellant
  Precise Striker

  Mophobius Abomination
  Fated   Flawed Release

  Nevan Sen Abomination
  Hard Skinned   Weak Grip on Life


  Rhembrandt Abomination
  Eldritch Hater   Faithless
  Eldritch Slayer
Trivia Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was a
Dutch draughtsman, printmaker, and
painter. A prolific and versatile master
across three media, he is generally
considered one of the greatest visual
artists in the history of art and the most
important in Dutch art history.

  Squalor Abomination
  Nymphomania   Stress Eater
Trivia Squalor is defined as a state of being
extremely dirty and unpleasant, especially
as a result of poverty or neglect.

  The Heart Killer Abomination
  Deadly   God Fearing

  Thraxximundarr Abomination
  Tough   Kleptomaniac
Trivia "Thraximundar" is the name of a legendary
creature in Magic the Gathering.


  Busillis Arbalest
  Natural Eye   Torn Rotator
  Eagle Eye
Trivia Busillis is a pseudo-Latin meaning "baffling
puzzle" or "difficult point".

  Cierzo de Bardenas Arbalest
  Eagle Eye   Weak Grip

  Disject Arbalest
  Fated   Unquiet Mind
  Eagle Eye
Trivia "Disject" is a verb that means to disperse
or scatter.

  Frostbite Arbalest
  Mediator   Faithless
Trivia Frostbite is a serious condition for when
skin and the tissue below the skin freeze.

  Okumo Arbalest
  Fated   Nervous
  Natural Swing

  Rozalin Arbalest
  Natural Eye   Weak Grip
  Eagle Eye
Trivia Rozalin is the gun-toting daughter of
Overlord Zenon and deuteragonist in the
video game Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days.

  Tootsie Arbalest
  Unyielding   Bad Gambler

Bounty HunterEdit

  9th Alexander Bounty Hunter
  Unyielding   Night Blindness
  Warrior of Light

  Artevin Bounty Hunter
  Natural Swing   Calm

  Cecil Leoran Bounty Hunter
  Evasive   Guilty Conscience
  Precise Striker

  Derion Bounty Hunter
  Steady   Plutomania
  Natural Swing

  Donovan Bounty Hunter
  Slugger   Scattering
  Hard Skinned

  DrChen Bounty Hunter
  Hard Skinned   Stress Eater
  On Guard

  Droqen Bounty Hunter
  Natural Swing   Curious

  Ephraim the Bear Bounty Hunter
  Slugger   Bloodthirsty
  Precise Striker
Trivia Old Ephraim was a gigantic grizzly bear
who roamed the Cache National Forest from
1911 until his death on August 22, 1923.

  Fanghawk Bounty Hunter
  Irrepressible   Deviant Tastes
  Second Wind

  Firebird Bounty Hunter
  Tough   Stress Eater

  Fowest Bounty Hunter
  Second Wind   Love Interest

  Hawkdriver Mazugulak Bounty Hunter
  Precise Striker   Bloodthirsty

  HeroBiX Bounty Hunter
  Natural Swing   Bad Gambler
  Natural Eye

  Jango Bounty Hunter
  Tough   Ruminator
Trivia Jango may be a reference to Jango Fett, a
recurring character in the Star Wars
franchise and regarded as the best bounty
hunter in the galaxy.

  Jaras Bounty Hunter
  Quick Reflexes   Bad Gambler

  mitien Bounty Hunter
  Hard Skinned   Calm

  Ncredible Bulk Bounty Hunter
  Slugger   Stress Eater
  Precise Striker
Trivia Ncredible Bulk seems to be a play on the
name of the Marvel super hero "The
Incredible Hulk".

  Sammael Bounty Hunter
  Natural Swing   Scattering
Trivia Samael is an archangel in Talmudic lore who
is the leader of Satan's armies and the
Angel of Death.

  Sebastian Locke Bounty Hunter
  Evasive   Winded

  SkullyFM Bounty Hunter
  Slugger   Bad Gambler
  Beast Slayer

  Tahaila Bounty Hunter
  Natural Eye   Calm

  Tesla Kriv Bounty Hunter
  Fated   Misses the Spot

  Thanatos Bounty Hunter
  Clutch Hitter   Flawed Release
  Second Wind
Trivia In Greek mythology, Thanatos was the
daemon personification of death.

  Trey Richards Bounty Hunter
  Fated   Love Interest

  Vantric Bounty Hunter
  Hard Skinned   Ruminator

  Veryn Bounty Hunter
  Quick Reflexes   Nocturnal

  Wurmm Bounty Hunter
  Resilient   Stress Eater
  Second Wind


  Adam La Nauze Crusader
  Steady   Calm
  Unholy Hater

  Alabar Crusader
  Fated   Faithless

  Alivard Crusader
  Precise Striker   Clumsy

  Antonius Crusader
  Tough   Thanatophobia
  Natural Swing

  Ardan Crusader
  Steady   Flawed Release
  Precise Striker

  Axis Crusader
  Unholy Hater   Guilty Conscience
  Healer's Gift

  Baelvor Crusader
  Unyielding   Egomania
  Warrior of Light

  Bercilak Crusader
  Natural Swing   Love Interest
Trivia Bercilak de Hautdesert is the true name of
the immortal Green Knight in the Arthurian
poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight".
There is also a NPC in "Guild Wars 2" with
the same name who also wears green armor.

  Bogi Crusader
  Tough   Bad Gambler
  Hard Skinned

  Briathelion Crusader
  Irrepressible   Clumsy
  Natural Swing

  Captain Zergy Crusader
  Warrior of Light   Enlightened
  Hard Skinned

  Courtright Crusader
  Slugger   Resolution

  Delnaran Crusader
  Precise Striker   Love Interest
  Natural Swing

  Derrito Crusader
  Natural Swing   Faithless

  Dominic Sullivan Crusader
  Warrior of Light   God Fearing
  Unholy Slayer

  Dunesparrow Crusader
  Fated   Resolution
  Early Riser

  Eubert Goodthorn Crusader
  Resilient   Resolution

  Gryphon Crusader
  Natural Swing   Slowdraw
Trivia A gryphon is a legendary creature with the
head, talons, and wings of an eagle and the
body of a lion.

  Haeldor Crusader
  On Guard   Ruminator
  Mankind Hater

  Harith Crusader
  Eldritch Slayer   Compulsive

  Henley Crusader
  Precise Striker   Unquiet Mind

  Iskander Crusader
  Tough   Stress Eater

  Jean-Claude Esh Crusader
  Slugger   Weak Grip
  Quick Reflexes

  Jubeithar Crusader
  Tough   Stress Eater

  Kucoru Crusader
  Tough   Mercurial
  Hard Skinned

  Lathian Crusader
  Slugger   Scattering
  Precise Striker

  Lord Xatius Cain Crusader
  Fated   Tuckered Out
  Fast Healer

  Lordy Crusader
  Deadly   Anemic
  Precise Striker

  Luc-Caleb Crusader
  Tough   Flawed Release
  Quick Reflexes

  Lucien Von Zarovich Crusader
  Tough   Love Interest
  Hard Skinned
Trivia Likely a reference to Strahd Von Zarovich,
a famous vampire in Dungeons and Dragons.

  Magnus Numina Crusader
  Tough   Flawed Release
  Armor Tinker

  Mason Crusader
  Tough   Slowdraw
  Quick Reflexes

  Mathias Winfield Crusader
  Slugger   Scattering
  Precise Striker

  Maxentian Crusader
  Irrepressible   Calm
  Warrior of Light

  Morris Crusader
  Natural Swing   Love Interest
  On Guard

  Mortimus Crusader
  Warrior of Light   Faithless

  Needa Crusader
  Nymphomania   Calm

  Nuno Andrade Crusader
  Quickdraw   Stress Eater

  Palance Doon Crusader
  Fated   Flawed Release

  Philip Hindeberg Crusader
  Balanced   Dipsomania

  Phoebus Crusader
  Fated   Resolution
  Fast Healer
Trivia This is likely a reference to the Disney
character Captain Phoebus from the film
"Hunchback of Notre Dame", since both
wear gold armor and are portrayed as

Phoebus is also the Roman name for the
Greek Sun god Apollo.

  Preachyr Crusader
  Slugger   Faithless

  Rayner Crusader
  Tough   Faithless

  Rei Crusader
  Natural Swing   Resolution

  Rodain Crusader
  Hard Noggin   Tippler
  Natural Swing

  Roland Crusader
  Tough   Resolution
Trivia Roland was Emperor Charlemagne's chief Paladin,
the twelve greatest warriors of his court.
He was also the for hero of "The Song of Roland",
an epic detailing his death at the Battle of Roncevaux.

The Paladins also gave their name to the RPG class,
which are holy knights who fight using both weapons
and magic granted by their god, just like the Crusader.

  Rupert Rabennacht Crusader
  Mankind Hater   Weak Grip on Life

  Samiel Crusader
  Warrior of Light   Sickly