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The Backer Heroes are pre-made heroes created by Kickstarter backers. To active a hero in game, enter the caravan and press Enter then type the name of the hero you want.

All heroes created this way come with 2 positive traits and 1 negative trait that are all "locked in".


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
The Heart Killer Deadly Slugger God Fearing
Rhembrandt Eldritch Hater Eldritch Slayer Faithless
Elfangor Eldritch Hater Healer's Gift Stress Eater
Daniel Ackerman Eldritch Hater Tough Hieromania
Mophobius Fated Steady Flawed Release
Agerra-T'rel Fated Unyielding Demonomania
Howard Hard Skinned Irrepressible Calm
Nevan Sen Hard Skinned None Weak Grip on Life
Chuma Hard Skinned Tough Faithless
Akwartz Mankind Hater Unyielding Stress Eater
Kin-Grinder Night Owl Lurker Deviant Tastes
Squalor Nymphomania Unyielding Stress Eater
Kagan Slugger Hard Skinned Shocker
Mikhail Bloodrage Slugger Precise Striker Flagellant
Agrythe Slugger Unyielding Deviant Tastes
Hastur Thick Blooded Robust Anemic
Thraxximundarr Tough Fated Kleptomaniac
Buehltard Tough Quick Reflexes Known Cheat


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
lo Hard Skinned Cove Tactician Calm
Disject Fated Eagle Eye Unquiet Mind
Busillis Natural Eye Eagle Eye Torn Rotator
Rozalin Natural Eye Eagle Eye Weak Grip
Ncredible Bulk Unyielding Eldritch Hater Winded
Cierzo de Bardenas Eagle Eye Fated Weak Grip
Frostbite Meditator Lurker Faithless
Okumo Fated Natural Swing Nervous
Tootsie Unyi Tough Bad Gambler

Bounty Hunter

Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
SkullyFM Slugger Beast Slayer Bad Gambler
Sebastian Locke Evasive Deadly Winded
Trey Richards Fated Evasive Love Interest
Tahaila Natural Eye Evasive Cool
Sammael Natural Swing Evasive Scattering
Firebird Tough Evasive Stress Eater
Donovan Slugger Hard Skinned Scattering
Droqen Natural Swing Irrepressible Curious
HeroBiX Natural Swing Natural Eye Bad Gambler
Derion Steady Natural Swing Plutomania
DrChen Hard Skinned On Guard Stress Eater
Ephraim the Bear Slugger Precise Striker Bloodthirsty
Ncredible Bulk Slugger Precise Striker Stress Eater
Thanatos Clutch Hitter Second Wind Flawed Release
Fanghawk Irrepressible Second Wind Deviant Tastes
Wurmm Resilient Second Wind Stress Eater
Hawkdriver Mazugulak Precise Striker Slugger Bloodthirsty
Jaras Quick Reflexes Slugger Bad Gambler
Jango Tough Slugger Ruminator
mitien Hard Skinned Steady Calm
Vantric Hard Skinned Steady Ruminator
Artevin Natural Swing Steady Calm
Fowest Second Wind Steady Love Interest
Tesla Kriv Fated Tough Misses the Spot
Veryn Quick Reflexes Tough Nocturnal
9th Alexander Unyielding Warrior of Light Night Blindness


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
Magnus Numina Tough Armor Tinker Flawed Release
Dunesparrow Fated Early Riser Resolution
Needa Nymphomania Evasive Calm
TekCop Quick Reflexes Evasive Weak Grip
Lord Xatius Cain Fated Fast Healer Tuckered Out
Phoebus Fated Fast Healer Resolution
Harith Eldritch Slayer Fated Compulsive
Tyr Natural Swing Fated Calm
Nuno Andrade Quickdraw Fated Stress Eater
Jubeithar Tough Fated Stress Eater
Stern Fated Hard Skinned Resolution
Tank Man Fated Hard Skinned Hylomania
Bogi Tough Hard Skinned Bad Gambler
Kucoru Tough Hard Skinned Mercurial
Lucien Von Zarovich Tough Hard Skinned Love Interest
Stengrunden Tough Hard Skinned God Fearing
Storm Saxon Tough Hard Skinned Stress Eater
Talin Tough Hard Skinned Bad Gambler
Captain Zergy Warrior of Light Hard Skinned Enlightened
Axis Unholy Hater Healer's Gift Guilty Conscience
Gryphon Natural Swing Irrepressible Slowdraw
Sansiba Fated Lurker Weak Grip on Life
Haeldor On Guard Mankind Hater Ruminator
Rodain Hard Noggin Natural Swing Tippler
Ser Harlath Hard Skinned Natural Swing Resolution
Briathelion Irrepressible Natural Swing Clumsy
Delnaran Precise Strinker Natural Swing Love Interest
Antonius Tough Natural Swing Thanatphobia
Morris Natural Swing On Guard Love Interest
Lordy Deadly Precise Striker Anemic
Lathian Slugger Precise Striker Scattering
Ardan Steady Precise Striker Flawed Release
Mathias Winfield Precise Striker Scattering
Jean-Claude Esh Slugger Quick Reflexes Weak Grip
Luc-Caleb Tough Quick Reflexes Flawed Release
Mason Tough Quick Reflexes Slowdraw
Turin MacLeod Steady Quickdraw Ruminator
Alivard Precise Striker Resilient Clumsy
Iskander Tough Resilient Stress Eater
Roland Tough Resilient Resolution
Derrito Natural Swing Slugger Faithless
Rei Natural Swing Slugger Resolution
Rayner Tough Slugger Slowdraw
Alabar Fated Steady Faithless
Palance Doon Fated Steady Flawed Release
Bercilak Natural Swing Steady Love Interest
Worthington Natural Swing Steady Weak Grip
Eubert Goodthorn Resilient Steady Resolution
Preachyr Slugger Steady Dumbass
Mortimus Warrior of Light Steady Faithless
Philip Hindeberg Balanced Stout Dipsomania
Rupert Rabennacht Mankind Hater Tough Weak Grip on Life
Courtright Slugger Tough Resolution
Super Duper Slugger Tough Unquiet Mind
Walii Slugger Tough Known Cheat
Siegfried Heim Unyielding Tough Tippler
Adam La Nauze Steady Unholy Hater Calm
Dominic Sullivan Warrior of Light Unholy Slayer God Fearing
n Eldritch Slayer Unyielding Faithless
Henley Precise Striker Unyielding Unquiet Mind
Samiel Warrior of Light Unyielding Sickly
Maxentian Irrepressible Warrior of Light Calm
Baelvor Unyielding Warrior of Light Egomania
Umbert Slugger Fated Diurnal

Grave Robber

Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
Melvarna Quick Reflexes Hylomania
Epode Fated Deadly Faithless
Venir Virtus Natural Eye Deadly Dud Hitter
Ustad B Deadly Faithless
Rose Quick Reflexes Deadly Resolution
Alisia Garrett Tough Eagle Eye Nervous
Dagerr Cove Tactician Eldritch Slayer Gambler
Mika the Red Quickdraw Fated Kleptomaniac
Nick Tooms Robust Fated Necromania
Dorian Drokk Unyielding Fated Stress Eater
Longshot Evasive Natural Eye Shocker
Ruthless Robyn Steady Natural Eye Calm
Pepper Clutch Hitter Quick Reflexes Nervous
Victoria Witherbane Deadly Quick Reflexes Bad Gambler
Junt Quick Reflexes Quickdraw Weak Grip
Lorna Crofter Eagle Eye Ruins Explorer Necromania
Koral Sendral Natural Eye Steady Known Cheat
Seclea Unholy Hater Steady Calm
Nicolette Eagle Eye Unerring Love Interest
Sypher Natural Eye Unerring Deviant Tastes
Keewatin Fated Unyielding Faithless
Aderyn Quick Reflexes Unyielding Faithless


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
Schazer Precise Striker Slugger Unquiet Mind
Gina Carano Quickdraw Balanced Stress Eater
Lhuraeth Unyielding Balanced Faithless
Dylo Ren Resilient Eldritch Slayer Light Sensitive
Nastasia Deadly Evasive Dark Temptation
Tara Precise Striker Evasive Scattering
Stephanya Deadly Fated Thin Blooded
Giskler Nymphomania Fated Love Interest
Sierra Fated Hard Noggin Kleptomaniac
Sena Slugger Hard Noggin Mercurial
Dawn Eldritch Hater Hard Skinned Gambler
Triss Evasive Natural Swing Thin Blooded
Taersa Fated Natural Swing Lazy Eye
Askra Quick Reflexes Natural Swing Anemic
Elana Takara Hard Skinned Quick Reflexes Hagiomania
Morgauze Evasive Resilient Diurnal
Red Ayla Natural Swing Slugger Bloodthirsty
Ymira Precise Striker Slugger Bloodthirsty
Morgana Nymphomania Steady Love Interest
Citora Quick Reflexes Steady Unquiet Mind
Yetti Resilient Steady Lazy Eye
artorias Slugger Tough Flawed Release
Teiryn Fenrir Slugger Tough Faithless
Avelynn Jo Steady Tough Calm
Boudicca Fated Unyielding Bloodthirsty


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
JRod On Guard Balanced Tippler
The Red Hand Kid Eagle Eye Deadly Bad Gambler
Harkus Finn Fated Deadly Winded
Silas Tarroch Precise Striker Deadly Diurnal
Cain Greaves Quick Reflexes Deadly Bad Gambler
Cinos Deadly Eagle Eye Curious
Roy Deadly Eagle Eye Faithless
Bluez Hard Skinned Eagle Eye Stress Eater
Ralphie Riot Natural Eye Eagle Eye Ruminator
Falen Tough Evasive Thin Blooded
Shinji Deadly Fated Curious
Trayton Rae Eagle Eye Fated Bad Gambler
Vykke Natural Eye Fated Unquiet Mind
Nathaniel Evasive Hard Skinned Mercurial
Squitten Unyielding Hard Skinned Faithless
Brando Nymphomania Irrepressible Love Interest
Archer Emiya Mankind Hater Natural Eye Soft
Brock Quick Reflexes Natural Eye Calm
SolidStrider Steady Natural Eye Fragile
Ureakim Deadly Quick Reflexes Slowdraw
Delvidian Natural Eye Quick Reflexes Mercurial
chatogaster Quickdraw Quick Reflexes Bad Gambler
Hobbs Fated Quickdraw Thin Blooded
Prax Tough Resilient Mercurial
Joe Eagle Eye Robust Bad Gambler
Corwyn Eagle Eye Unerring Faithless
Cardano Natural Eye Unerring Flawed Release
Jaelus Evasive Unyielding Faithless


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
Morganis the Feisty Tough Back Tracker Slowdraw
Dano Beck Eagle Eye Deadly Bad Gambler
Daellen Quick Reflexes Deadly Nervous
Locrin Quick Reflexes Evasive Night Blindness
Pavlov Stress Faster Evasive Ruminator
GeezNick Steady Fated Slowdraw
Arland Unerring Fated Torn Rotator
Reznik Evasive Hard Skinned Curious
Valemon Fated Hard Skinned Faithless
Riniviur Tough Hard Skinned Faithless
Kanine Fated Mankind Hater Faithless
Ultharwe Night Owl Mankind Hater Known Cheat
Samuel Fletcher Fated Natural Eye Guilty Conscience
Arkham Tough Natural Eye Winded
Garoof Evasive Natural Swing Calm
Karmine Second Wind Night Owl Unqiuet Mind
Turk Evasive Nymphomania Love Interest
Alfie Robust On Guard Zoophobia
Nordom Fated Resilient Love Interest
Black Shuck Steady Resilient Nocturnal
Wellington Malloy Steady Ruins Adventurer Bad Gambler
Bazil Von Tough Slugger Misses the Spot
Lobo da Montanha Evasive Steady Thin Blooded
John Cronin Armor Tinker Stress Faster Bad Gambler
Transpior Evasive Tough Nocturnal
Jace & Icarus Quickdraw Tough Bad Gambler
Redwolf Steady Warrens Explorer Bad Gambler
Gyla Nymphomania Warrens Tactician Stress Eater
Merethif Steady Weald Explorer Faithless


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
Indumentum Oris Early Riser Deadly Nervous
Baelyn Quick Reflexes Evasive Calm
Slipps Quickdraw Evasive Bad Gambler
Logiejames Hard Skinned Fast Healer Gambler
Poquelin Balanced Fated Known Cheat
Chuckles Steady On Guard Mercurial
Mr.Knowitall Steady Photomania Resolution
MAGRIMOIRE Deadly Quick Reflexes Bad Gambler
Callous Niemand Night Owl Quick Reflexes Love Interest
Neofrommatrix Tough Quick Reflexes Calm
Manth Pa Fated Quickdraw The Yips
Selketh Fated Resilient Nervous
Lerian On Guard Resilient Known Cheat
Azure Aesir Quickdraw Resilient Faithless
Liam Quick Reflexes Robust Tuckered Out
Blashyrkh Mankind Hater Ruins Explorer Nocturnal
Dr. Pants Early Riser Unholy Hater Necromania
Quincy Irrepressible Unyielding Resolution


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
The Grey Wanderer Fated Clutch Hitter Bad Gambler
Hard Skinned Evasive Scattering
Drucker Stout Evasive Unquiet Mind
Moonleaf Natural Swing Fated Resolution
Bartholomew Beast Hater Hard Skinned Warrens Phobe
The Ragman Tough Hard Skinned Fear of Mankind
Braddock Fated Irrepressible Nervous
Decusian Fated Irrepressible Witness
Absunt Fated Meditator Weak Grip on Life
Chronos Mankind Hater Night Owl Guilty Conscience
Kadavyr Natural Swing Precise Striker Flawed Release
Boenne Natural Swing Quick Reflexes Slowdraw
Cyn Natural Swing Quickdraw Lazy Eye
Hendrick the Stalwart Steady Resilient Deviant Tastes
El Dingo Balanced Slugger Dud Hitter
Gerhardt Natural Swing Slugger Slowdraw
Lazarus Natural Swing Slugger Bloodthirsty
Shamarhaan Natural Swing Slugger Resolution
Jacque Ripper Tough Slugger Bloodthirsty
Creed Ironrose Fated Steady Bad Gambler
Shovelface Slugger Stress Faster Faithless
Ralackk Natural Swing Tough Faithless
Shingo Steady Tough Gambler
Stanley Natural Swing Unyielding Slowdraw


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
Targus Slugger Deadly Faithless
Torchwood Quickdraw Evasive Diurnal
BEAN Slugger Fast Healer Flawed Release
Ingens Armor Tinker Hard Skinned Slow Reflexes
Highborne Natural Swing Hard Skinned Love Interest
Aardvark Steady Hard Skinned Calm
Raith Ramis Thick Blooded Hard Skinned Winded
Jharm Steelfist Tough Hard Skinned Lygophobia
Threnn Waldren Tough Hard Skinned Tuckered Out
Exidor Tough Irrepressible Winded
Wilhelm Unyielding Irrepressible Resolution
Wulf Mankind Slayer Natural Swing Faithless
Silentshot Warrior of Light On Guard Flawed Release
Brian Slugger Precise Striker Deviant Tastes
Yadish Clutch Hitter Quick Reflexes Resolution
Valore Hard Skinned Quick Reflexes Calm
Tuyewera Precise Strinker Quick Reflexes Bad Gambler
Hannibal Barca Slugger Quick Reflexes Slowdraw
Nathan Boreas Tough Quick Reflexes Weak Grip on Life
Lazarius Fated Slugger Flawed Release
Solace Irrepressible Slugger Calm
Midas Tough Slugger Tippler
Xebulon Tough Slugger Slowdraw
Dagnabit Fated Steady Bad Gambler
Tyrius Tough Steady Ruminator
Midarn Blackhalo Fated Tough Stress Eater
Thoon Fated Tough Phengophobia
Faustek Hard Skinned Tough Dud Hitter
Garston Second Wind Tough Guilty Conscience
Grog Slugger Tough Lazy Eye
Cadogan Hard Skinned Unyielding Bad Gambler
Bexon T Springer Tough Unyielding Compulsive


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
Unaz On Guard Clotter Bad Gambler
Gabora Steady Clotter Diurnal
Gravier Quick Reflexes Deadly Resolution
Yoshimonius Precise Striker Eagle Eye Demonomania
Sobek O'thoth Eldritch Hater Eldritch Slayer Dark Temptation
Faust Fated Eldritch Slayer Curious
Rethmarfuge Unyielding Eldritch Slayer Paranormania
Kez McHannan Night Owl Fast Healer Deviant Tastes
Tulio Evasive Fated Dark Temptation
Cthulhu Mankind Hater Man Slayer Faithless
Prince Alhazred Evasive Mankind Hater Necromania
Mu QuickDraw Natural Eye None
Balthus Unholy Slayer Natural Swing Automatonophobia
Khan Evasive Night Owl Thin Blooded
RasThinar Fated Night Owl Phengophobia
Hastur Bishop Steady Nymphomania Ruminator
Abdul Alhazred Evasive Quick Reflexes Unquiet Mind
Lahzarel Unholy Slayer Quick Reflexes Dark Temptation
Arzac Deadly Steady Curious
Leivanus Trent Mankind Hater Unerring Dark Temptation

Plague Doctor

Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
Kauthrien Natural Eye Eagle Eye Bad Gambler
Raeven Mankind Slayer Evasive Love Interest
Xanaphyr Natural Eye Evasive Torn Rotator
Thorwan Quick Reflexes Evasive Dark Temptation
Elwood Donio Mankind Slayer Fast Healer Faithless
WonderGoth Hard Skinned Fated Thin Blooded
Lavatos Natural Eye Fated Deviant Tastes
Tork Unyielding Fated Bad Gambler
mlatin Beast Slayer Hard Noggin Off Guard
fake Evasive Meditator Slowdraw
Maria Evasive Meditator Bad Gambler
Jacinta Argent On Guard Meditator Sickly
Briar Patch Mankind Slayer Nymphomania Deviant Tastes
Abigail Deadly Quick Reflexes Enlightened
Sky Fisher Evasive Steady Ruminator
Briar Patch Eagle Eye Steady Stress Eater
Xanaphyr Eldritch Hater Stout Torn Rotator
Aya Evasive Stress Eater Faithless
Mayabelle Natural Eye Unerring Guilty Conscience
Hextilda Irrepressible Unyielding Love Interest
Snowcrow Irrepressible Unyielding Torn Rotator
Tanya Natural Swing Unyielding Automatonophobia


Hero Name Positive Quirk Positive Quirk Negative Quirk
Rosa On Guard Eagle Eye Bad Gambler
Auria Storm Steady Fast Healer Deviant Tastes
Albedo Evasive Fated Weak Grip
Kide Night Owl Fated Nocturnal
Noni Moon Resilient Healer's Gift Mercurial
Seonna Steady Healer's Gift Stress Eater
JeNe Sais Quoi Natural Swing Natural Eye Hieromania
Kymerra Steady Photomania Weak Grip
Ireny Pwoo Steady Resilient Torn Rotator
Lori Steady Resilient Weak Grip
Rozaelin Steady Weak Grip
Sorcha Calduor Tough Unholy Slayer Guilty Conscience
Iymarra Arabani Fated Unyielding Calm
Lorali Valrin On Guard Warrior of Light Tuckered Out
Amatubu Quick Reflexes Early Riser Diurnal
Peggy Sue Unyielding Evasive Flawed Release