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A Bounty Hunter taking damage from blight.

BlightThe symbol representing blightis a damage over time status effect similar to bleed. Heroes and enemies affected by blight will take health damage equal to the strength of the blight at the start of their turn. Most blights in the game last for 3 turns, or 5 turns if applied with a critical hit.

Blight can be removed with Antivenom, the Plague Doctor's Battlefield Medicine, the Grave Robber's Toxin Trickery, the Hellion's Adrenaline Rush, and the Flagellant's SufferExclusive to the Crimson Court DLC.

During camping, every hero (except Flagellant) can remove blight from other heroes with a shared camping skill Wound Care; the Plague Doctor can cure blight from another hero with her skill Leeches, or from herself with Self-Medicate, and the Flagellant can cure blight on himself with Lash's Kiss. The Shieldbreaker can increase her Blight Resist with her Adder's Embrace.

Blight, like bleed, can kill a character on Death's Door before they can use an Antivenom on their turn. If out of combat, there will be a chance to use Food or Antivenom to prevent death, as long as the party does not move.

List of Blight abilities[edit | edit source]

Beast's Bile Festering Vapours Poison Darts Noxious Blast Plague Grenade Adder's Kiss Impale Captivate
Beast's Bile.png
Festering Vapours.png
Poison Dart.png
Noxious Blast.png
Plague Grenade.png
Abomination Antiquarian Grave Robber Plague Doctor Shieldbreaker
2 ~ 5 pts/rd 1 ~ 4 pts/rd 2 ~ 4 pts/rd
(4 rds)
5 ~ 7 pts/rd 4 ~ 6 pts/rd 3 ~ 5 pts/rd 0 ~ 2 pts/rd 3 ~ 5 pts/rd

Abomination's Beast's Bile, Antiquarian's Festering Vapours, and Grave Robber's Poison Darts come with a corresponding debuff to enemies' Blight Resist.

The Crusader's Non-Euclidean Hilt trinketExclusive to the Color of Madness DLC gives all of his attacks a blight for 2 pts/rd for 2 rds.

Blight Resist[edit | edit source]

All heroes have a base resistance to blight, which affects how likely they are to receive blight from enemy attacks. Like most other hero resistances, Blight Resist increases by 10% per Resolve Level.

The list of heroes by their base Blight Resist, from highest to lowest:

Blight Resist
Abomination Plague Doctor Grave Robber Hellion Houndmaster Jester
Abomination Plague Doctor Grave Robber Hellion Houndmaster Jester
60% 60% 50% 40% 40% 40%
Leper Arbalest Bounty Hunter Crusader Flagellant Highwayman
Leper Arbalest Bounty Hunter Crusader FlagellantExclusive to the Crimson Court DLC Highwayman
40% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30%
Man-at-Arms Musketeer Occultist Vestal Antiquarian Shieldbreaker
Man-at-Arms Musketeer Occultist Vestal Antiquarian ShieldbreakerExclusive to The Shieldbreaker DLC
30% 30% 30% 30% 20% 20%

Trivia[edit | edit source]

According to the characters in-game, blight is excruciatingly painful and causes a burning sensation. It is unclear whether blight actually burns the afflicted, but its effectiveness against enemies made primarily of bone or stonework (and thus lacking organs to suffer from poisoning) reinforces the implication that it is corrosive.

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