Brigand Raider

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Brigand Raider
Brigand Raider.png
Enemy Class Human
Size Average
Actions per round Turnticker.png
HP 25
HP (Stygian/Bloodmoon) 30
Dodge 26.25
Protection 25%
Speed 5
Tray stealth.png Stealth No
Poptext stun.png Stun 72.5%
Poptext poison.png Blight 67.5%
Poptext bleed.png Bleed 67.5%
Poptext debuff.png Debuff 62.5%
Poptext move.png Move 73%

Elite Brigand Cutthroats with improved armor and weapons, Brigand Raiders are most often seen accompanying Brigand Vvulf's personal group of enforcers.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Brigand Raider is a stronger variant of the Brigand Cutthroat which appears during Wolves at the Door, and within Champion-level dungeons. They will also be summoned by Brigand Vvulf during his boss fight. Raiders do more damage than Cutthroats, and unlike their lower-level counterparts, their Shank ability will also apply marks to its target - which can be a real problem when they're fought alongside Rabid Gnashers.

The tactics used to defeat them are more or less identical to those used to defeat Cutthroats - just try not to let them get in too many hits.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Darkest Level
Skill Name Range Rank Target Accuracy Crit
Damage Effect
Slice And Dice Melee 1,2,3 1+2 93.75% 20% 6-11 Poptext debuff.png 160% Debuff: -35% Bleed Resist
Uppercut Slice Melee 1,2 1,2,3 93.75% 15% 4-9 Poptext move.png 140% Knockback 1
Shank Melee 1,2,3 1,2,3,4 92.5% 11% 7-15 Poptext bleed.png 140% Bleed 3
Poptext tagged.png Mark (3 rds)
Harmless Poke Melee 4 1,2,3,4 62.5% 0% 4-9 Poptext move.png Forward 1
Poptext buff.png Buff: SPD +2

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