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A buff is a status effect that can be applied on heroes to increase one or more of their stats or resistances. The presence of a buff is indicated by a double upward blue arrow under the affected target.

Applying buffs[edit | edit source]

A buff is applied through a skill in a battle, curio interactions and camping skills. Duration of buffs are decreased by 1 at the end of a Heroes turn. Buffs applied through camping skills last for the next 4 combats (counting the night ambush if there is one). Curio buffs last the longest, as they remain until the next camp.

Making use of buffs in combat[edit | edit source]

By themselves, buffs are rather not useful, as a character usually has to wait until the next turn to make use of them, making them effectively skip a turn. That's why most buffs in the game ether apply to a whole party, deal small amount of damage to finish an enemy off, cure other status effects or have a health or stress heal to go with them. It's an important strategic choice when to apply buffs and when to push for damage.