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Flavour Text[edit source]

Hi, with the new DLC enemies pages being blank I'm not experienced with creating the flavour text for the denizens of the farmstead to the wiki. I would like some help please ?

Hey what kind of help are you looking for? For example, is it where people get the flavour text from? Or is it how to format the page? Something else? T1nytim (talk) 17:43, 24 June 2018 (UTC)

Trinkets[edit source]

Hi guys, I need help. I'm working on Trinkets but I'm not experienced adding stuff to a wiki. I need some sort of template I can use to add the items. Could someone help me? I noticed on the Items section that there were premade boxes. Looks sort of like a css sheet but I don't know how to add onto that sheet. - 2015-02-08, dvanha

Hey dvanha, They're infobox templates, which Doomspeaker made. We can probably continue to just use those, or maybe we'll make something similar and add spots for stats. Check Trinkets for a sample Agility Talon... BTW, you can just click the add signature and timestamp button after your comment to make things easier. Check Signatures Help Page for more info. --Z3ther (talk) 12:26, 9 February 2015 (UTC)

Translation[edit source]

Hey guys, I have a quick question. Would you mind if I translated some articles into polish? I've been using this site for some time, mainly to check the curios, and I thought that I could translate it so that it's much easier for me to use it. To be honest, I know nothing about styles, formating etc. But I can handle it, I guess. Please let me know if you'd be interested. It could help me enjoying the game, and at the same time improving my english a little bit. ~dru95, 18.04.2016

Hey there Dru, We're always interested in people willing to translate wikis here at Gamepedia. To get started, I'd suggest you check out the Translation Guidelines on the help wiki, which can provide some basic help, and if there's anything else you might need that might be deeper or specifics on the formatting, etc, please contact myself or one of the other mods. Cheers! --Z3ther (talk) 14:31, 18 April 2016 (UTC)

Duration[edit source]

Hey guys, I was wondering why the duration of certain effects aren't on each classes ability page? For example, Bulwark of Faith doesn't say "1 round" and Battle Ballad doesn't say "3 rounds". Thank you. ~Social Mech, 29.5.2017

The reason is because almost every skill lasts for 3 rounds. To my knowledge, Bulwark of Faith is the only skill that lasts a single round that heroes can use (outside of stun). I'll make a note of it on the page proper. Also, to get the ending bit that tells us your name and time of posting, just put four ~ at the end. GentleIceZ (talk) 17:11, 29 May 2017 (UTC)

"Lore"[edit source]

As far as I can tell, almost all of the lore for enemies is made up. Even the real lore is interspersed with made-up stuff - for example, the Virago has her real lore from the radiant update and then a bunch of made-up stuff after it. The Thing from the Stars lore is 100% made up, as are, I'm sure, most of the entries. Can we get sources on these or have them removed? I beta tested SB and CoM and can confirm those lore entries are just flat-out not real. ~Clair de Lune

An Anon's Reply[edit source]

Several entries in the lore sections were cribbed directly from the Darkest Dungeon official site run by Red Hook, including the entire description of the Sleeper, which was part of the announcement for Color of Madness. Many of the ones originally listed seem to be gone now (most seem to have been lost when the site as a whole was rebooted in 2018). Arguments can be made on whether or not those should be considered legit based on your own perogative, but there's a secondary problem that came up: The heavy-handed approach taken to make it happen.

Removing non-canon lore is an important thing to do for any Wiki that relies on accuracy for a given work, but the aggressive, outright hostile approach taken by several of the users involved by this probably wasn't the right way to do it. Nothing against what you guys intended, I agree with its necessity and I'm glad you did it. The thing is, transparency and being straightforward with intent and explaining why this was being done would have done a ton to cut down the sheer number of reverts you guys had to ladle out during that. Just a thought.