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A debuff is a status effect that can be inflicted on either monsters or heroes to lower one or more of their stats or resistances. The presence of a debuff is indicated by a double downward orange arrow under the affected target.

Applying debuffs[edit | edit source]

A debuff is usually applied through an ability, though traps can also inflict them upon heroes when being triggered or when disarming fails. Some abilities, for example many of the Hellion's attacks, can debuff the user as well. When an ability or trap carrying a debuff effect hits a hero or enemy, a random check will determine if the target will be affected, taking its debuff resistance into account. All abilities inflicting debuffs will have a 100% chance of inflicting them before calculating the appropriate resistance value.

Removing and preventing debuffs[edit | edit source]

A character affected by a debuff can get rid of it by using Medicinal Herbs. It is also possible to prevent debuffs from being applied by raising the hero's resistance to them, typically with the use of trinkets or, as a temporary means, through the use of Holy Water. Debuffs inflicted by curios can generally be prevented by using the correct supply item when activating them.

Duration and stacking of debuffs[edit | edit source]

The same debuff can be stacked indefinitely with itself on the same target, multiplying its effects for the duration. Typically, as per most status effects, each individual stack of a debuff will last for three turns, however there are exceptions such as debuffs inflicted by traps, which will typically last 12 turns, and curios, which can have varying durations up to "until camp".

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