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A Leper contracting a disease.

Diseases are negative conditions that are contracted from enemy attacks, curios, traps, and occasionally as a random quirk at the end of a dungeon. You can only get a disease at the end of a dungeon if your hero's resolve level is at least 2. If so, the chance of getting a disease is 32% - 0.33 * disease resist but at least 5%. Although most of the diseases are harmful, Rabies is quite beneficial because it grants +15% DMG while only reducing -10 ACC. You can get it while fighting Rabid Gnashers. They last until removed. They can be cured in the Sanitarium for some gold (where there is a chance of multiple diseases being cured at once depending on upgrade level) or by using the right camping skills from the Grave Robber or the Plague Doctor (which will cure all the diseases on the targeted hero). Additionally, the FlagellantThis Hero is exclusive to The Crimson Court DLC can cure one of his own diseases, not the other characters, with one of his camping skills.

A hero can have at most 3 diseases at once; if they acquire a new one, it replaces an old disease picked at random.

List of diseases[edit | edit source]

Disease name Effect
Bad Humors -20% Max HP
Black Plague -75% Blight Resist

-75% Disease Resist

-10% Max HP

-5 SPD

Bulimic -20% Heal Skills while Camping
Creeping Cough -20% DMG
Ennui -25% Virtue Chance
Griping in the Guts -20% Heal Skills while Camping
Hemophilia -50% Bleed Resist
Hysterical Blindness -20 ACC if Stress above 70
Lethargy -4 SPD
Rabies -10 ACC

+15% DMG

Scurvy -40% Bleed Resist

-40% Move Resist

Spasm of the Entrails -20% Healing Skills while camping
Spotted Fever -50% Blight Resist
Syphilis -5 ACC

-10% DMG

-10% Max HP

Tapeworm +100% Food Consumed

Chance of forced interaction with food curios.

Chance to Steal / Keep (similar to Kleptomaniac) looted food.

Tetanus -5 ACC

-5% CRT

The Ague -10% DMG

-3 SPD

-10% Max HP

The Fits +3 SPD

-5 ACC

-5% CRT

The Red Plague -75% Bleed Resist

-10% Max HP

-5% CRT

The Runs -10% Max HP

-20 Dodge

The Worries +30% Stress Damage
Vertigo -50% Move Resist
Vampiric Spirits -50% Debuff Resist
Wasting Sickness -50% Disease Resistance

List of attacks that can cause diseases[edit | edit source]

Name Monster Attacks Disease Chance
Ghoul Ghoul.png Howl The Worries 5%
Maggot Maggot.png Grave Nibble Any 15%
Swine Wretch Swine Wretch.png Vomit Any 33%
Carrion Eater Carrion Eater.png Munch Any 7% (Veteran)
9% (Champion)
Fungal Artillery Fungal Artillery.png Rain of Blight Any 15%
Rabid Gnasher Rabid Gnasher.png Rabid Rush Rabies 10%
Crone Crone.png Fetid Censer Any 7% (Veteran)
9% (Champion)
Sea Maggot Sea Maggot.png Brine Any 8%
Deep Stinger Deep Stinger.png Salty Gouge




The Shrieker Shrieker.png Regurgitate Any 15%

List of Curios that can cause diseases[edit | edit source]

Name Curio Disease Chance
Decorative Urn Decorative Urn.png Creeping Cough




Iron Maiden Iron Maiden.png Tetanus




Dinner Cart Dinner Cart.png Any 25%
Makeshift Dining


Makeshift Dining Table.png Any 25%
Pile of Bones Pile of Bones.png Any 25%
Beast Carcass Beast Carcass.png Rabies 28.6%
Shallow Grave Shallow Grave.png Any 50%
Bas-Relief Bas-Relief.png Any 8.3%
Brackish Tide Pool Brackish Tide Pool.png Any 25%
Fish Carcass Fish Carcass.png The Red Plague 16.7%

The Crimson Curse[edit | edit source]

The Crimson Court DLC adds a new disease known as the Crimson Curse. Usually it can only be contracted by fighting Bloodsucker enemies, and it has several unique properties, such as conferring debuffs that get worse over time and any character with the curse cannot have any other diseases, and any disease they had will be removed upon acquiring the curse.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Carrion Eater and Crone have the only effects that increase Disease chance at higher levels.

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