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The Inventory is a group of locations for items in various situations.

Types of Inventory[edit | edit source]

Raid: Used by the heroes when traveling in a dungeon. 16 slots. Stacks limited.
Provision: Used by the heroes when preparing for a raid into a dungeon. 16 slots. Stacks limited.
Quest Rewards: Used after a raid when successfully completing or retreating from a dungeon. 6 slots. No stack limits.
Trinket Storage: Used to store Trinkets. 999 slots. Stacks limited.
Trinket Store: Used for Trinkets sold by the Nomad Wagon. 16 slots. Stacks limited.
Hero Equipped Trinkets: Used for Trinkets being used by a hero. 2 slots. Stacks limited.
Loot: Used for loot gained while in a dungeon. 99 slots. Stacks limited.

Stack Limits[edit | edit source]

Each stack has a limit on how many items can exist in it. 1 stack takes up 1 slot of Inventory space.

Gold: 1750 (increased by 750 per Antiquarian in the party)
Food: 12
Firewood: 1

Bust: 6
Portrait: 3
Deed: 6
Crest: 12

Gems (Citrine, Emerald, Jade, Onyx, Ruby, or Sapphire): 5 per type (6 with Geological Studyhall in Color of Madness DLC)
Big Loot (Puzzling Trapezohedron, Jute Tapestry, Consecrated Pew): 1 per type (2 with Geological Studyhall except Tapestry)

Shovel: 4
Antivenom: 6
Bandage: 6
Medicinal Herbs: 6
Skeleton Key: 6
Holy Water: 6
Torch: 8
Dog Treats: 2
Exclusive to the Crimson Court DLCThe Blood: 6
Exclusive to the Shieldbreaker DLCAegis Scale: 4
Exclusive to the Color of Madness DLCShard Dust: 6

There are also a few special inventory items that are specific to certain quests or the Antiquarian:

Minor Antique: 20
Rare Antique: 5

Gathering Quest Items: (Holy Relic, Medicine, Grain Sack, Ancestor's Relic): 1
Activation Quest Items: (Consecrated Essence, Potent Salve, Pick-Axe, Pineal Gland): 1

Associated Game File(s)[edit | edit source]