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Items in Darkest Dungeon consist of Provisions, Loot, and Trinkets.

Loot[edit | edit source]

The various Loot items in Darkest Dungeon are available for pickup after defeating monsters or finding them in curios. These are items of high value which are sold for gold upon returning to the Hamlet. Gems' stack size is increased by 1 with the Geological Studyhall DistrictExclusive to the Color of Madness DLC (excluding Tapestries, both types of Antiques, and Pews).

Gold Animation.gif
Stack 1750*
Gold greases palms, builds empires and instigates murder.

Stack 5(6)
Yellow like fading hope.

Gold Value: 250
Stack Value: 1250(1500)
Stack 5(6)
Dull green like rotting flesh.

Gold Value: 375
Stack Value: 1875(2250)
Stack 5(6)
Black like endless night.

Gold Value: 500
Stack Value: 2500(3000)
Stack 5(6)
Green like molten envy.

Gold Value: 750
Stack Value: 3750(4500)
Stack 5(6)
Blue like strangled dreams.

Gold Value: 1000
Stack Value: 5000(6000)
Stack 5(6)
Red like blazing lust.

Gold Value: 1250
Stack Value: 6250(7500)
Jute Tapestry
Jute Tapestry.png
Stack 1
A coarse, time-worn weaving bearing invocations of unutterable alienage.

Gold Value: 4500
Puzzling Trapezohedron
Stack 1(2)
The colors shift and change with the light...

Gold Value: 3500(7000)
Minor Antique*
Minor Antique.png
Stack 20
A minor collectible, worth money in bunches.

Gold Value: 500
Stack Value: 10,000
Rare Antique*
Rare Antique.png
Stack 5
A valuable find!

Gold Value: 1250
Stack Value: 6250
Consecrated Pew**
Stack 1
The shard of a wooden bench said to once hold followers of the Prophet!

Gold Value: 2500
Comet ShardExclusive to the Color of Madness DLC
Stack 99
These shifting shards reflect indescribable hues from beyond time and space.

Secondary currency introduced in The Color of Madness DLC. Primarily used to purchase Districts and unique Trinkets.

*Antiques will only appear when there is an Antiquarian in the party. Additionally, every Antiquarian in the party increases the amount of gold in a stack by 750.

**Consecrated Pews are dropped only by the Pews that guard The Prophet.

Heirlooms[edit | edit source]

Heirlooms are a special kind of loot that is used to upgrade buildings in the Town. In addition to gaining heirlooms for finishing a dungeon, additional heirlooms can be collected while exploring.

The Crimson Court DLC adds two new kinds of heirlooms: Blueprints which are used to build Districts, and Invitations which are used to enter the Courtyard.

Stack 6
A sculpted bust of a once prominent local figure.

Oil painting.png
Stack 3
Though painted a hundred years ago, the resemblance to you is uncanny.

Stack 6
Scriven records of land grants in generations past.

Stack 12
A sigil of honor earned by family actions long since past.

BlueprintExclusive to the Crimson Court DLC
Stack 1
Meticulous architectural sketches of Hamlet structures.

Needed to build Districts.
Baron's InvitationExclusive to the Crimson Court DLC
Stack 100
An invitation to an evening of games and entertainment. Signed 'The Baron'

Dropped by Gatekeeper when the active Crimson Court plot quest is "Morbid Entertainment"
Viscount's InvitationExclusive to the Crimson Court DLC
Stack 100
"We have a place of honour for you in the banquet hall" - the Viscount

Dropped by Gatekeeper when the active Crimson Court plot quest is "Served Cold"
Countess' InvitationExclusive to the Crimson Court DLC
Stack 100
Delicate script inviting you to dance affixed with the Countess' royal seal

Dropped by Gatekeeper when the active Crimson Court plot quest is "A Bewitching Predator"
MemoryExclusive to the Color of Madness DLC
Stack 1
High strangeness, an indelible scar on the psyche.

Dropped by The Sleeper in Endless Mode and rarely by the Thing from the Stars. Only used to purchase The Mill.

Here is a short list of what each heirloom upgrades:

Originally in the base game each area had one specific heirloom given as quest rewards. While this is no longer the case for most quests, it is still true for bosses.

  • Ruins: Busts/Crests
  • Weald: Deeds/Crests
  • Warrens: Portraits/Crests
  • Cove: Crest (three times as much in other areas)

Trinkets[edit | edit source]

Trinkets are equippable items that can be found in the dungeons, gained as a quest reward, or bought at the Nomad Wagon. Each hero is able to carry two different trinkets with various effects.

Persistent Provisions[edit | edit source]

These are special types of provisions only available in DLC. Unlike other provisions, they cannot be bought from the Caretaker, and instead must be found in dungeons dropped by special monsters (with the only exception being The Blood, which can be generated from the Sanguine VintnersExclusive to the Crimson Court DLC.) If they are not removed from the inventory when the quest ends, instead of being sold back to the Caretaker, they will be placed in the Caretaker's shop as a free provision, which the player can take at any time up to the number of provisions they have.

The BloodExclusive to the Crimson Court DLC
The Blood.png
Stack 6
The call is unyielding; the urge is irresistable. Only the Blood will quell this thirst.

Give to those affected by the Crimson Curse for various effects.
The CureExclusive to the Crimson Court DLC
Curse Cure.png
Stack 6
Its origin and ingredients unknown, but this tincture will quell the Curse.

Cures Crimson Curse. Only dropped by the Fanatic.
Aegis ScaleExclusive to The Shieldbreaker DLC
Snake scale.png
Stack 4
A mysterious scale from the distant wastes. Fierce protection.

Gives a 1 Block Aegis. Only dropped by the Pliskin, Rattler and Adder.
Shard DustExclusive to the Color of Madness DLC
Shard Dust.png
Stack 6
Use to tap into otherworldly power, but beware its other effects. [cannot be used while virtuous]

Poptext buff.pngBuff +1 SPD and +15% DMG (1 battle)
Poptext debuff.pngDebuff +10% stress and -10% virtue chance (quest)

Purchased for 3 Comet Shards each

Quest Items[edit | edit source]

Some quests require the player to retrieve certain items or activate Curios with special items given at the start of the quest. Each region's items are unique.

Consecrated Essence
Consecrated Essence.png
Stack 1
Used to purify the corrupted altars.

An item for the "Purify the Altars" quest in the Ruins.
Potent Salve
Potent Salve.png
Stack 1
A terribly strong concoction to counter the effects of disease and infection.

An item for the "Detoxify the Corpses" quest in the Weald.
Stack 1
An implement for hard labor and occasional destruction.

An item for the "Knock Down the Shrines" quest in the Warrens.
Pineal Gland
Pineal Gland.png
Stack 1
It emits an otherworldly luminescence, used to light Protective Wards.

An item for the "Ward Off the Eldritch Tide" quest in the Cove.
Holy Relic
Holy Relic.png
Stack 1
A surviving trophy from a past holy war.

An item gathered in the "Reclaim Relics of the Light" quest in the Ruins.
Stack 1
Powerful medicines... worth more than gold to a beleaguered Hamlet.

An item gathered in the "Stave off Sickness" quest in the Weald.
Grain Sack
Grain Sack.png
Stack 1
A bag of precious unspoiled grain.

An item gathered in the "We Must Eat" quest in the Warrens.
Ancestor's Relic
Inv quest item-ancestors crate.png
Stack 1
Some things are better left unopened.

An item gathered in the "Let Sleeping Evils Lie" quest in the Cove.
Hand of Glory
Hand of Glory.png
Stack 1
The left hand of some malefactor who died on the gallows, made into a candle with the man's own fat.

An item for the "Lighting the Way" quest in the Darkest Dungeon.
Pitch-Soaked TorchExclusive to the Crimson Court DLC
Oiled Torch.png
Stack 3
A special torch, twice wrapped in cloth and soaked in sulfurous compounds.

An item for the "Burn the Hives" quest in the Courtyard.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
Achievement15.jpg Greater riches were never witnessed... Collect at least 20,000 gold from a single quest
Achievement14.jpg A collection of treasured antiques... Collect at least 30 heirlooms from a single quest