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Quest map locations.png
Locations (dungeons) on the quest selection map

In Darkest Dungeon Locations are several of the dungeons and places the player explores.

List of Locations[edit | edit source]

  • The Hamlet- The safest location in the game. The only way to die in a Hamlet is by Crimson Curse. After finishing or failing every expedition the player ends up in The Hamlet. The Hamlet is used by the players to improve their heroes or recruit them.
  • The Old Road- Tutorial location player always starts of after launching new game. The Old Road is a subarea within The Weald. After going through it player can no longer return to it without starting new game. Player cannot retreat from The Old Road and battles within it.
  • Ruins- Mostly inhabited by reanimated skeletons. Lots of treasures can be found there.
  • Warrens- Inhabited mostly by beasts and man-pigs. Lots of food can be found there.
  • Weald- Inhabited by corrupted nature and bandits. Blight can be applied often here.
  • Cove- Inhabited by sea monsters. Most of it's curio applies buffs and debuffs or manipulate quirks.
  • Courtyard- Exclusive to Crimson Court DLC. Courtyard is the only location with quests of epic length. All of those epic quests are about slaying a Boss. Light meter in here does not drop and is always at Bloodlight level providing more stress taken and less bleed resistance. Courtyard is highly inhabited by bloodsuckers.
  • Farmstead- Exclusive to The Color of Madness DLC. Farmstead contains 3 quests in total and has it's own unique gameplay mechanics resulting in light meter changing it's own colors and endless waves of enemies. Just like in courtyard light meter does not drop here. Farmstead does not even have corridors.
  • The Darkest Dungeon- Contains 4 quests in total, all of them are Darkest level. In order to beat the game the player has to complete all of those quests. After completing a quest in The Darkest Dungeon all heroes in the roaster will have their stress reduced to 0 and all afflictions cured.

Unlocking Locations[edit | edit source]

  • The Hamlet- Accessed for the first time always at week 1 upon finishing or failing The Old Road.
  • Ruins- Available on week 1.
  • The Darkest Dungeon- Available on week 1.
  • Farmstead- Available on week 2 or later if The Color of Madness DLC is applied.
  • Warrens- Available on week 3.
  • Weald- Available on week 3. The Old Road within it however is preformed on week 0.
  • Courtyard- Available on week 3 or later if Crimson Court DLC is applied.
  • Cove- Available on week 4.

Note: Since The Old Road is a very starting location of the game it doesn't need unlocking.


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