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Pelagic Grouper

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Pelagic Grouper
Pelagic Grouper.png
Enemy Type Eldritch
Size Average
Actions per round Turnticker.png
Variation Pelagic
HP 14 20 27
HP (Stygian/Bloodmoon) 17 24 33
Dodge 5% 13.75% 27.5%
Protection 0% 0% 0%
Speed 6 7 8
Tray stealth.png Stealth None None None
Poptext stun.png Stun 10% 30% 55%
Poptext poison.png Blight 10% 30% 55%
Poptext bleed.png Bleed 50% 70% 95%
Poptext debuff.png Debuff 10% 30% 55%
Poptext move.png Move 10% 30% 55%

The Pelagic Grouper is an enemy found in the Cove, and serves as a footsoldier of the seafolk. Between Seaward Slash in the front and Spearfishing in the back, Groupers are a damaging threat from nearly any point in the enemy formation - a commonly seen and often problematic formation is 4 Groupers at once, all capable of delivering physical damage to across your party.

Though not demonstrated as an in-game mechanic, it seems that the bites of the Pelagics can also inflict a mind- and body-affecting transformation, gradually turning bitten heroes into their kind and filling out their ranks. The Blood Soaked Pages Torn From A Journal detail the experiences of an unfortunate adventurer as he succumbs to its effects.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Pelagic Grouper is an Eldritch type that appears in the Cove. Most of the enemies in the Cove use trickery to kill the heroes they meet, such as stunning, disease, and stress. The Pelagic Grouper is one of only two monsters concerned with dealing damage, and they both do it well. In the Grouper's case, the position they are in will determine their attacks, either dealing damage to your front ranks with their cutlass or your back ranks with their harpoon.

If they are in the first two positions, they will attack your front row with Seaward Slash which deals considerable damage. And if they are in the last two positions, they will attack your back row with Spearfishing. It does less damage, but it will still be fairly high, and in veteran and champion levels, it can pull the hero 1 rank forward. It's important to be mindful of where these enemies are, and try to kill or pull any in the back row if you want to keep your formation in place.

Groupers are fast, but have very low resistances to everything except bleed. If your heroes are fast or fortunate enough to move before them, use your advantage to stun them or debuff their attack. They should be prioritized only behind Shamans, who can heal or significantly buff them.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Apprentice Level
Skill Name Range Rank Target Accuracy Crit
Damage Effect
Seaward Slash Melee 1, 2. 1, 2. 77.5% 2% 5-9 No Effect No Effect
Spearfishing Melee 3, 4. 3, 4. 77.5% 6% 3-7 No Effect No Effect

Veteran Level
Skill Name Range Rank Target Accuracy Crit
Damage Effect
Seaward Slash Melee 1, 2. 1, 2. 83.75% 6% 6-13 No Effect No Effect
Spearfishing Melee 3, 4. 3, 4. 83.75% 11% 5-9 Poptext move.png 120% Pull 1 No Effect

Champion Level
Skill Name Range Rank Target Accuracy Crit
Damage Effect
Seaward Slash Melee 1, 2. 1, 2. 97.5% 7% 9-17 No Effect No Effect
Spearfishing Melee 3, 4. 3, 4. 97.5% 12% 6-13 Poptext move.png 140% Pull 1 No Effect

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