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Whenever the player takes too long to defeat the opposing enemies in either a hallway battle or a room battle, they will at first suffer minor stress damage across the whole party of heroes. One turn forward from this enemy reinforcements will appear, meaning that 2 extra enemies will spawn. The reinforcements can be composed of any enemies that may appear in the current dungeon, although the pairs always seem to carry a theme (e.g. both having the same prefix, such as "Fungal" or "Cultist"). The purpose of the penalties is to prevent the player from stalling to heal both health and destress before continuing on with the rest of the dungeon.

Reinforcements can be disabled in the gameplay settings under Combat Delay Penalties, however these settings cannot be altered within Stygian or Blood Moon game modes. If you do disabled reinforcements then the player will not receive the below achievement:

Image Name Description
Achievement30.jpg Strict Mode Complete the game with default difficulty options

Stalling Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • The first Stall Penalty is increased stress across the party.
  • The second Stall Penalty is a turn after the first one, enemy reinforcements will appear, the party will receive the same stress penalty as in a first Stall Penalty.
  • Enemies spawned by reinforcement penalty will not award additional loot.

Conditions[edit | edit source]

  • Stall Penalties will not occur if the remaining enemy is a 'large' creature (takes up 2 spaces).
  • The first Stall Penalty will occur if both of these 2 conditions are met:
    • At the end of two full rounds after there is 2 or fewer enemies remaining.
    • When a player uses 2 or more stalling moves when there are 2 or fewer enemies remaining.
  • If the remaining 2 enemies are one of or a combination of the below enemies, the first Stall Penalty is reached after only 1 round.
Enemy Name
Bone Arbalist.png Bone Arbalist
Bone Courtier.png Bone Courtier
Bone Rabble.png Bone Rabble
Bone Militia.png Bone Soldier
Collected Man-at-Arms.png Collected Man-at-Arms
Collected Vestal.png Collected Vestal
Crone.png Crone
Fungal Artillery.png Fungal Artillery
Madman.png Madman
Maggot.png Maggot
Pelagic Guardian.png Pelagic Guardian
Pelagic Shaman.png Pelagic Shaman
Swine Drummer.png Swine Drummer
Swine Skiver.png Swine Skiver
Webber.png Webber

Stalling Moves[edit | edit source]

DLC Icons
The Crimson Court
Exclusive to The Crimson Court DLC
The Shieldbreaker
Exclusive to The Shieldbreaker DLC
Hero Moves DLC
Abomination portrait roster.png Absolution
Antiquarian portrait roster.png Flashpowder
Fortifying Vapors
Get Down!
Invigorating Vapors
Protect Me!
Arbalest portrait roster.png Battlefield Bandage
Rallying Flare
Sniper's Mark
Bounty hunter portrait roster.png Flashbang
Mark for Death
Crusader portrait roster.png Battle Heal
Bulwark of Faith
Inspiring Cry
Flagellant portrait roster.png Endure
The Crimson Court
Grave robber portrait roster.png Shadow Fade
Toxin Trickery
Hellion portrait roster.png Adrenaline Rush
Barbaric YAWP!
Highwayman portrait roster.png -
Houndmaster portrait roster.png Cry Havoc
Lick Wounds
Target Whistle
Jester portrait roster.png Battle Ballad
Inspiring Tune
Leper portrait roster.png Solemnity
Man-at-arms portrait roster.png Bellow
Occultist portrait roster.png Vulnerability Hex
Wyrd Reconstruction
Plague doctor portrait roster.png Battlefield Medicine
Blinding Gas
Disorienting Blast
Shieldbreaker portrait roster.png Serpent's Sway
The Shieldbreaker
Vestal portrait roster.png Divine Comfort
Divine Grace