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Enemy parties in Darkest Dungeon have a limit of 4 combatants, just like heroes. However, enemies come in a variety of different sizes that can occupy more than one of their 4 slots. The list below details what sizes are and what they mean.

Small: Takes up one enemy slot and does not leave a corpse when it dies.
Average: Takes up one enemy slot and leaves a corpse that takes up one slot.
Large: Takes up two enemy slots and leaves a corpse that also takes up two slots.
Gigantic: Takes up three enemy slots. Only bosses can have this size, and they do not leave corpses when they die.
Unimaginable: Takes up all enemy slots. The final boss, Countess, and The Sleeper have this size.

Note: No matter the size, quest bosses do not leave corpses. This includes enemies that appear exclusively with bosses, such as the Brigand Matchman and Drowned Anchorman.

Camping skills that increase damage against size 2 monsters will affect size 3 and size 4 monsters as well.