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A group of Swine Gorers with Stealth.

Stealth is an status effect in Darkest Dungeon that prevents monsters or Grave Robber from being targeted. Generally, it will only last for the first two rounds, though there may be some exceptions. Enemies that have Stealth can still be hit by attacks that hit multiple targets. Additionally, some hero skills can bypass Stealth and can target enemies with it. If an enemy is hit with such a skill, they will no longer have Stealth.

It is signalled by a purple eye icon and monsters are a murky grey-blue while they have Stealth.

Enemies with Stealth[edit | edit source]

Some enemies will begin battles with Stealth starting at the dungeon difficulty listed in the table:

Brigand Fusilier Brigand Hunter Bone Soldier Pliskin
Shieldbreaker DLC
Swine Slasher Crone Pelagic Shaman
Brigand Fusilier.png Brigand Hunter.png Bone Militia.png Cobra.png Swine Slasher.png Crone.png Pelagic Shaman.png
Veteran Champion Veteran Apprentice Veteran Veteran Veteran

Hero Skills that Bypass Stealth[edit | edit source]

Hero Antiquarian portrait roster.png
Arbalest portrait roster.png
Highwayman portrait roster.png
Leper portrait roster.png
Shieldbreaker portrait roster.png
Vestal portrait roster.png
Skill Flash Powder Rallying Flare Tracking Shot Intimidate Expose Illumination