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Talk:The Shrieker

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Article misleading?[edit source]

Hey, I just wanted to say, the way the description attacks is phrased (they only do two damage - except for) is a little misleading, if unintentionally so. It should maybe be changed to make his preference for very powerful damaging moves more clear, or at least make the language more neutral. I just lost a hero against him because I prioritised damage and accuracy, based on my assumptions from reading this; maybe I was just unlucky but pretty much all he did was peck (for non-crit 25-30 damage against +prot and unaltered heroes, which is also incorrect in the article). Also the article heavily discusses stress damage, and though he used his stress-causing moves, they stress they caused was completely negligable.

Hello Anonymous, before I reply to your topic I'd like to make a suggestion: please have a look at the Gamepedia help article for talk pages for some editing conventions. For example, ending your post with 4 tildes (~) signs your post so we can see who we're talking to, for now we just see your IP address in the editing history. If you prefer that your IP address doesn't show, you can make an account and assign a username instead.
You mention what I assume is this part of the strategies section:

With the exception of Peck and CRITS, the Shrieker's attacks only deal 2 damage, but apply stress, debuffs and diseases. Because of this, buffing PROT isn't very helpful, and it would be better to buff DODGE instead. His main damaging move, Peck, deals 6-10, 8-13, or 13-19 point of damage depending on the version of the boss. Peck also has a high bleed chance.

I checked the game's files, Peck is actually very likely to be used and is on a 1 action cooldown. This means that it's generally likely it'll peck, other action, peck, other action, etc. Because of that I agree it could use a mention that peck is going to be way more likely than any other actions.
Regarding your interpretation of the article: The main point it conveys is that besides Peck, the Shrieker's moves generally have bad effects other than damage (such as disease and stress). It doesn't say that it is a wimp at doing damage. In fact, it suggests buffing DODGE so your heroes stay healthy and also don't leave diseased and stressed. The most surprising thing you said was that it did 25-30 damage, it has over 20% crit chance, but shouldn't hit higher than 20 on normal hits. I understand that this caught you off-guard. I checked the damage in the game files, it seems to still be correct. Did your hero wear any debuffing trinkets or are they weak to eldritch/beasts? Are you sure it maybe didn't crit your heroes after all? I can't think of a reason why it was hitting that hard. - Silphium (talk) 23:06, 26 April 2018 (UTC)
Update: edited the article - Silphium (talk) 23:54, 26 April 2018 (UTC)