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This template is used to format a table row with all information on a single backer hero.


This is a modular template: it won't work properly if not used in the proper context. This template has to be inside a table. Don't put a new row |- sign before the template, but do put one after it if you need to insert a new row that is not another instance of this template.

Copy the following code, then fill the values in each variable according to the guidelines below:



Variable Usage
name Write the name of the backer hero. Pay attention to punctuation.
class Write the class of the hero. This parameter is 'case sensitive, so you have to write the class name exactly. Look at the page names for the heroes to copy the exact spelling.
outfit Write the number of the outfit: the template will automatically choose the correct image. Outfits are numbered from 1 to 4; if you are unsure, check the outfit gallery at the bottom of each hero page to know the correct number. Default is 1, but do try and insert the correct value to avoid misinforming.
pquirk# Write the name of the positive quirk; there's a maximum of two.
nquirk# Write the name of the negative quirk; there's a maximum of two.
abilities Write, in sequence, the number of the abilities automatically possessed by the hero. Abilities are listed in the hero pages; the first you encounter in the page is 1, the second is 2 and so forth. You can leave this empty for Abomination. Example: writing 124 on an Arbalest hero means he has Sniper Shot, Suppressing Fire and Bola.
camp Like abilities, but for camping skills. 1, 2 and 3 always are Encourage, Wound Care and Pep Talk (in that order), the others are in the order seen in each hero page.
trivia If any, write a short sentence explicating any trivia on the backer hero name.


This table is here to help understand which numbers correspond to which ability for the purpose of the abilities and camp variables.

Hero Type Number Ability
Encourage.png Any Camping 1 Encourage
Wound Care.png Any Camping 2 Wound Care
Pep Talk.png Any Camping 3 Pep Talk
Anger Management.png Abomination Camping 4 Anger Management
Psych Up.png Abomination Camping 5 Psych Up
The Quickening.png Abomination Camping 6 The Quickening
Eldritch Blood.png Abomination Camping 7 Eldritch Blood
Transform.png Abomination Combat 1 Transform
Manacles.png Abomination Combat 2 Manacles
Beast's Bile.png Abomination Combat 3 Beast's Bile
Absolution.png Abomination Combat 4 Absolution
Rake.png Abomination Combat 5 Rake
Rage.png Abomination Combat 6 Rage
Slam.png Abomination Combat 7 Slam
Field Dressing.png Arbalest Camping 4 Field Dressing
Marching Plan.png Arbalest Camping 5 Marching Plan
Restring Crossbow.png Arbalest Camping 6 Restring Crossbow
Triage.png Arbalest Camping 7 Triage
Sniper Shot.png Arbalest Combat 1 Sniper Shot
Suppressing Fire.png Arbalest Combat 2 Suppressing Fire
Sniper's Mark.png Arbalest Combat 3 Sniper's Mark
Bola.png Arbalest Combat 4 Bola
Blindfire.png Arbalest Combat 5 Blindfire
Battlefield Bandage.png Arbalest Combat 6 Battlefield Bandage
Rallying Flare.png Arbalest Combat 7 Rallying Flare
This Is How We Do It.png Bounty Hunter Camping 4 This Is How We Do It
Tracking.png Bounty Hunter Camping 5 Tracking
Planned Takedown.png Bounty Hunter Camping 6 Planned Takedown
Scout Ahead.png Bounty Hunter Camping 7 Scout Ahead
Collect Bounty.png Bounty Hunter Combat 1 Collect Bounty
Mark for Death.png Bounty Hunter Combat 2 Mark for Death
Come Hither.png Bounty Hunter Combat 3 Come Hither
Uppercut.png Bounty Hunter Combat 4 Uppercut
Flashbang.png Bounty Hunter Combat 5 Flashbang
Finish Him.png Bounty Hunter Combat 6 Finish Him
Caltrops.png Bounty Hunter Combat 7 Caltrops
Unshakeable Leader.png Crusader Camping 4 Unshakeable Leader
Stand Tall.png Crusader Camping 5 Stand Tall
Zealous Speech.png Crusader Camping 6 Zealous Speech
Zealous Vigil.png Crusader Camping 7 Zealous Vigil
Smite.png Crusader Combat 1 Smite
Zealous Accusation.png Crusader Combat 2 Zealous Accusation
Stunning Blow.png Crusader Combat 3 Stunning Blow
Bulwark of Faith.png Crusader Combat 4 Bulwark of Faith
Battle Heal.png Crusader Combat 5 Battle Heal
Holy Lance.png Crusader Combat 6 Holy Lance
Inspiring Cry.png Crusader Combat 7 Inspiring Cry
Snuff Box.png Grave Robber Camping 4 Snuff Box
Gallows Humor.png Grave Robber Camping 5 Gallows Humor
Night Moves.png Grave Robber Camping 6 Night Moves
Pilfer.png Grave Robber Camping 7 Pilfer
Pick to the Face.png Grave Robber Combat 1 Pick to the Face
Lunge.png Grave Robber Combat 2 Lunge
Flashing Daggers.png Grave Robber Combat 3 Flashing Daggers
Shadow Fade.png Grave Robber Combat 4 Shadow Fade
Thrown Dagger.png Grave Robber Combat 5 Thrown Dagger
Poison Dart.png Grave Robber Combat 6 Poison Dart
Toxin Trickery.png Grave Robber Combat 7 Toxin Trickery
Battle Trance.png Hellion Camping 4 Battle Trance
Revel.png Hellion Camping 5 Revel
Reject the Gods.png Hellion Camping 6 Reject the Gods
Sharpen Spear.png Hellion Camping 7 Sharpen Spear
Wicked Hack.png Hellion Combat 1 Wicked Hack
Iron Swan.png Hellion Combat 2 Iron Swan
Barbaric Yawp.png Hellion Combat 3 Barbaric YAWP!
If It Bleeds.png Hellion Combat 4 If It Bleeds
Breakthrough.png Hellion Combat 5 Breakthrough
Adrenaline Rush.png Hellion Combat 6 Adrenaline Rush
Bleed Out.png Hellion Combat 7 Bleed Out
Gallows Humor.png Highwayman Camping 4 Gallows Humor
Unparalleled Finesse.png Highwayman Camping 5 Unparalleled Finesse
Clean Guns.png Highwayman Camping 6 Clean Guns
Bandit's Sense.png Highwayman Camping 7 Bandit's Sense
Wicked Slice.png Highwayman Combat 1 Wicked Slice
Pistol Shot.png Highwayman Combat 2 Pistol Shot
Point Blank Shot.png Highwayman Combat 3 Point Blank Shot
Grapeshot Blast.png Highwayman Combat 4 Grapeshot Blast
Tracking Shot.png Highwayman Combat 5 Tracking Shot
Duelist's Advance.png Highwayman Combat 6 Duelist's Advance
Open Vein.png Highwayman Combat 7 Open Vein
Hound's Watch.png Houndmaster Camping 4 Hound's Watch
Therapy Dog.png Houndmaster Camping 5 Therapy Dog
Man's Best Friend.png Houndmaster Camping 6 Man's Best Friend
Release the Hound.png Houndmaster Camping 7 Release the Hound
Hound's Rush.png Houndmaster Combat 1 Hound's Rush
Hound's Harry.png Houndmaster Combat 2 Hound's Harry
Whistle.png Houndmaster Combat 3 Whistle
Cry Havoc.png Houndmaster Combat 4 Cry Havoc
Guard Dog.png Houndmaster Combat 5 Guard Dog
Lick Wounds.png Houndmaster Combat 6 Lick Wounds
Blackjack.png Houndmaster Combat 7 Blackjack
Turn Back Time.png Jester Camping 4 Turn Back Time
Every Rose has its Thorn.png Jester Camping 5 Every Rose has its Thorn
Tiger's Eye.png Jester Camping 6 Tiger's Eye
Mockery.png Jester Camping 7 Mockery
Dirk Stab.png Jester Combat 1 Dirk Stab
Harvest.png Jester Combat 2 Harvest
Finale.png Jester Combat 3 Finale
Solo.png Jester Combat 4 Solo
Slice Off.png Jester Combat 5 Slice Off
Battle Ballad.png Jester Combat 6 Battle Ballad
Inspiring Tune.png Jester Combat 7 Inspiring Tune
Let the Mask Down.png Leper Camping 4 Let The Mask Down
Bloody Shroud.png Leper Camping 5 Bloody Shroud
Reflection.png Leper Camping 6 Reflection
Quarantine.png Leper Camping 7 Quarantine
Chop.png Leper Combat 1 Chop
Hew.png Leper Combat 2 Hew
Purge.png Leper Combat 3 Purge
Revenge.png Leper Combat 4 Revenge
Withstand.png Leper Combat 5 Withstand
Solemnity.png Leper Combat 6 Solemnity
Intimidate.png Leper Combat 7 Intimidate
Maintain Equipment.png Man-at-Arms Camping 4 Maintain Equipment
Tactics.png Man-at-Arms Camping 5 Tactics
Instruction.png Man-at-Arms Camping 6 Instruction
Weapons Practice.png Man-at-Arms Camping 7 Weapons Practice
Crush.png Man-at-Arms Combat 1 Crush
Rampart.png Man-at-Arms Combat 2 Rampart
Bellow.png Man-at-Arms Combat 3 Bellow
Defender.png Man-at-Arms Combat 4 Defender
Retribution.png Man-at-Arms Combat 5 Retribution
Command.png Man-at-Arms Combat 6 Command
Bolster.png Man-at-Arms Combat 7 Bolster
Abandon Hope.png Occultist Camping 4 Abandon Hope
Dark Ritual.png Occultist Camping 5 Dark Ritual
Dark Strength.png Occultist Camping 6 Dark Strength
Unspeakable Commune.png Occultist Camping 7 Unspeakable Commune
Sacrificial Stab.png Occultist Combat 1 Sacrificial Stab
Abyssal Artillery.png Occultist Combat 2 Abyssal Artillery
Weakening Curse.png Occultist Combat 3 Weakening Curse
Wyrd Reconstruction.png Occultist Combat 4 Wyrd Reconstruction
Vulnerability Hex.png Occultist Combat 5 Vulnerability Hex
Hands from the Abyss.png Occultist Combat 6 Hands from the Abyss
Daemon's Pull.png Occultist Combat 7 Daemon's Pull
Experimental Vapours.png Plague Doctor Camping 4 Experimental Vapours
The Cure.png Plague Doctor Camping 5 The Cure
Leeches.png Plague Doctor Camping 6 Leeches
Self-Medicate.png Plague Doctor Camping 7 Self-Medicate
Noxious Blast.png Plague Doctor Combat 1 Noxious Blast
Plague Grenade.png Plague Doctor Combat 2 Plague Grenade
Blinding Gas.png Plague Doctor Combat 3 Blinding Gas
Incision.png Plague Doctor Combat 4 Incision
Battlefield Medicine.png Plague Doctor Combat 5 Battlefield Medicine
Emboldening Vapours.png Plague Doctor Combat 6 Emboldening Vapours
Disorienting Blast.png Plague Doctor Combat 7 Disorienting Blast
Bless.png Vestal Camping 4 Bless
Chant.png Vestal Camping 5 Chant
Pray.png Vestal Camping 6 Pray
Sanctuary.png Vestal Camping 7 Sanctuary
Mace Bash.png Vestal Combat 1 Mace Bash
Judgement.png Vestal Combat 2 Judgement
Dazzling Light.png Vestal Combat 3 Dazzling Light
Divine Grace.png Vestal Combat 4 Divine Grace
Divine Comfort.png Vestal Combat 5 Divine Comfort
Illumination.png Vestal Combat 6 Illumination
Hand of Light.png Vestal Combat 7 Hand of Light