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A trap Tray trap disarm.png is an obstacle that can be encountered along corridors during expeditions.

Upon being triggered, a trap will inflict both health and stress damage to a random hero in the party. The health damage will be a percentage of the hero's MAX HP, while stress will always be +15. Additionally, traps in different locations also inflict various additional effects:

Region Damage Effect
Ruins 25%/28%/30%
Weald 0%
Blight 100%/110%/120% Blight 2/2/3
Warrens 10%
Bleed 100%/110%/120% Bleed 2/2/3
Cove 10%
Debuff Debuff: -5/-6/-8 SPD,
-20/-25/-30 DODGE (12 rds)
CourtyardThe Crimson Court DLC 15/18/18 damage
(not percentage)
Bleed 100%/110%/120% Bleed 2/2/3

Avoiding traps[edit | edit source]

Triggered traps can be dodged, with the chance depending on a hero's Trap Resist (not their DODGE). The best method to avoid traps, however, is scouting the area beforehand. Scouted traps will be represented with a purple icon on the map and are visible on the ground as they're approached, giving heroes a chance to disarm them. Disarming a trap renders it harmless and heals 8 stress for the hero. Traps can sometimes be encountered along corridors that have already been explored, as they have a chance to spawn when moving into an already-explored hallway.

Trap Resist / Disarm Chance[edit | edit source]

Trap Resist is the chance to dodge unscouted traps. If a trap has been scouted, the chance for a hero to disarm it is their Trap Resist + 40%. Like most other hero resistances, Trap Resist increases by 10% per Resolve Level.

Additionally, it is possible to further raise Trap Resist by equipping appropriate trinkets, with a theoretical maximum of +55% for Grave Robbers (Ancestor's Map + Raider Talisman). Disarm Chance, in addition to being displayed in the character's page, is featured in a purple icon that appears when approaching a trap, alongside other buff and debuff icons above the health bar.

Disarm Chance can go above 100%; expeditions of higher difficulty level require a higher chance to be disarmed successfully: traps in Veteran level dungeons have +20% chance to resist disarm, while traps in Champion level dungeons have +40% chance. Darkest level dungeons have +50% chance, but this is only applicable to the Countess' questThe Crimson Court DLC, as the Darkest Dungeon completely lacks traps.

The list of heroes by their base Trap Resist, from highest to lowest:

Trap Resist
Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Highwayman Houndmaster Jester Hellion
Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Highwayman Houndmaster Jester Hellion
50% 40% 40% 40% 30% 20%
Plague Doctor Shieldbreaker Abomination Antiquarian Arbalest Crusader
Plague Doctor ShieldbreakerExclusive to The Shieldbreaker DLC Abomination Antiquarian Arbalest Crusader
20% 20% 10% 10% 10% 10%
Leper Man-at-Arms Musketeer Occultist Vestal Flagellant
Leper Man-at-Arms Musketeer Occultist Vestal FlagellantThe Crimson Court DLC
10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 0%