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Thanks matey

You are most welcome. GentleIceZ (talk) 17:11, 17 June 2018 (UTC)

Question: Are users allowed to make wiki pages about steam mods for darkest dungeon? Mods like hero mods and miscellaneous.

Honestly I do not know. All I can say is if it were allowed it would most likely have to be just one page. There may be some mod pages already on the wiki, but that's not what I'm involved in, so I dunno. Also, when you leave a message on someone's talk page, be sure to add four ~ at the end so we all know who sent the message and at what time, like so GentleIceZ (talk) 20:20, 20 June 2018 (UTC)

Hello there sir. Check this page out: Critical Hit. I request you to add an picture showing an situation of a critical hit being landed. I admit, that I am it's creator. -

Next time I play I'll get you an image. Cheers GentleIceZ (talk) 02:37, 2 July 2018 (UTC)